Thursday, September 4, 2003

Bloglines button added

Added the easy to use Bloglines button to the right side of the site. Thanks, Mark! Where's your RSS feed and I'll subscribe, too.

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Lodging ideas for attendees. The BloggerCon team has created a list of hotels in the area for conference attendees to reference. We will do our best to keep it up to date over the next few weeks. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need assistance - we cannot make reservations for you, but will do whatever we can to help.
[bloggerCon News]

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RSS Subscriber Poll

RSS Subscriber Poll

If you are reading this from an RSS feed, could you please post a comment?  I'm comparing webalizer traffic stats for my rss.xml files and I'm trying to get an idea of how many real subscribers I have.  I'm guessing three.


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Google meets Technorati?

I just found this:

Google Link

That's for my site.  Here's the explaination page.

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My ISSN Application

I just spoke to a wonderful lady named Linda, working for the the Library of Congress, about my ISSN application.  She said that there will be a meeting later this month about the Library of Congress' policy regarding weblogs and assignments of the ISSN.  Considering that a few already carry numbers (like Dave and Zeldman), there's some prior history to consider.

Post on that got me started.

LOC ISSN site.

I'm going to write an email this weekend to help sway the arguement for consideration of weblogs as a serial publication.

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My Aunt and Technology

My Aunt Linda has started a new business:  custom DVDs.  She's just beginning, but her enthusiasm is infectious.  She's gone from a simple project for the family to a website with samples in less that six months.  That's a great example of the marriage of opportunity and technology.  Of course, she couldn't have done this without her Mac.

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More Lessig funnies

In case you are one of the few who doesn't subscribe to Lawrence's blog:

too (onion) funny. re: Domain Name disputes. [Lessig Blog]

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When is a blog not a blog?

Edwards in blogland. Senator Edwards has launched a blog. Built on Slash, with ratings, and a special icon to signal staff postings, the site has local (well, state) blogs linked to the national blog as well. [Lessig Blog]

Lessig notes the Senator's blog.  I read the front page and thought it's less of a blog and more of a news website.  Like Lessig noticed, it's based on Slash code, so I'm sure the goal was more discussion and less posting thoughts and views.  Also it treads in the shameful category of being a "me too" site.  It's a collection of sanitized postings and general information.   Becasue politics is so political, it's doubtful we'll see true personality insight like Dave gives us.

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