Monday, September 8, 2003

iTunes is an iSuccess

iTunes Music Store Sells Ten Millionth Song (08-Sep-2003; 2K) [TidBITS]

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Writing, Linking and the Handspring

BloggerCon excitement

I am very excited about BloggerCon. I got approval today to go to BloggerCon under the credentilas of the Springfield Business Journal thanks to the foresight of Clarissa French, managing editor. I'm writing two feature articles for their consideration. I hoping to have them published quickly after the conference, but in this world of instant online publishing, I can have my unedited versions on the web in a matter of moments.

I'm writing this from my Handspring (where will that name go, now that the corporate vacuum cleaner called 3Com has sucked them up?) so linking will be sparse. When I write now, I think in rich links remembering posts and mentally linking them as I go.

Rambling... Writing from the Treo takes a little more effort, because I seem to touch-type with my thumbs--not the best since the right thumb gets the most workout. The intended purpose of this paragraph was to discuss mental linking. As I said before, I think and write with mental linking, skipping from watching the Treo's keyboard while I type to remembering the linked post or commercial news item, all as a fanatastic mental surfboard ride. True mental multitasking without the work threads, letting the mind slip into neutral mode.

Done with rambling post for now. BloggerCon will be a great eye-opener for me. It's one thing to create your perception of the universe;it's quite another to greet the reality head-on.

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