Thursday, September 11, 2003

Lockergnome on RSS and ads

Chris mentions in this post that with RSS...

"When you don[base ']t like what you see, you can delete your subscription IMMEDIATELY."

... you can elimate the feeds carrying ads you don't like.  I subscribe to a feed that is all ads--bringing me info on deals from hundreds of websites.  RSS advertising has it's place and time, if done right.  The consumer will vote with their subscriptions and dollars.  Embedded feeds will always suck and besides, a clever person will filter them out anyway.

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More Conference Tips

Scoble links to links to these tips from Dave McNamee about conference attendence.  I'm including them here and the BloggerCon category since they bear repeating.

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My Grandfather's Accutron

My grandfather gave me his Bulova Accutron "SpaceView" watch about a year ago.  It's a great watch with a neat bit of history.  Here's a photo:

I left it with Rick McElvaine, owner of Maxon's Diamond Merchants here in Springfield last January with a plea for help:  find someone who could fix it.  Rick spent 8 months investigating the watch and finding someone withe right parts and creditials that could fix it.  The end result you see above, a beautiful watch restored to perfect running order.  The main coil, index wheel and crystal were replaced and I added the leather band, allowing me to wear it daily.

My grandfather received the watch as a Father's Day gift from his wife in 1966 and was worn daily until it sadly stopped working.  Parts had become non-existent and the original lead-acid batteries were nowhere to be found.

Bob, thanks for the opportunity to carry this watch into the future.  It's a delight to wear and a reminder of good times and the love of my grandparents.

Update:  Link to an Accutron source.

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Userland Trackback bug

Trackback bug in Userland's Trackback implementation allows stuff like this.  Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.  Please post this on your weblogs and let's get Jake and Dave's attention on this.  We don't need this kind of stuff right now.

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Ed Cone's comment discussion about political weblogs and BloggerCon

Dave links this comment thread from Ed Cone's weblog about campaign blogger presence at BloggerCon

(Now that's a link-rich post!)

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Conference Tips via O'Reilly

These tips on attending the O'Reilly conference are just as good for BloggerCon.  Some of them might not be as relevant ("Partition your hard drive") but room sharing, business cards and others jumped right out at me.

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Sept 11 Remember by the blogosphere

A collection of posts from a September 11th anniversary remembered:

Ed Cone, Robert Scoble, Jeffrey Zeldman, Don Park, Sean Gallagher

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