Friday, September 12, 2003

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Safari and autodetection of RSS feeds

This is something that sounds hackable at the least.  Brent, could something like this be done with WebKit's tools (asking out of ignorance)?

What if Safari detected RSS feeds?. Here's an idea for Safari: Many web sites/pages now offer an RSS feed equivalent of their contents, not unlike this weblog! As RSS is getting more and more popular, it would be cool if Safari would detect the presence of an RSS feed (through the tag) and activate a UI element on its toolbar that the user could use to drag to their favorite news reading program .... Say, NetNewsWire.

mockup of Safari toolbar with an RSS item [Karelia Software]

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Reading Scripting News frequently provides hidden gems like this:

Second OJR web pioneer roundtable. [Scripting News]

I read the first two pages and had to stop--I need to work and the article is tood good to read with distractions.

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Betsy Devine says that Google should have done some research before buying Blogger.  Betsy, don't forget the millions of people hate Microsoft products and still buy the upgrades.  :>

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Here's what an actual California recall ballot looks like. Link to scanned ballot (804x638 px jpeg), Discuss (Thanks, Gabe!) [Boing Boing Blog]

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