Monday, September 29, 2003

Jim Moore on Clark and Clinton (via email post test)

Here's a quick post from email to make sure all is well...

Jim Moore has this to say about Clinton's support of Clark

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Reading and recording at 11PM

I'm recording some audio in the background, using our Mac and a Sony hand-held cassette recorder. I did a fake interview (funny to us in the Ozarks) and did some serious speaking about my grandmother. I'm about to lose her and it hurts already.

That forces me to confront a topic I'm not sure how to deal with: edit the recordings and post, post with no edits, don't post.

Express yourself in comments. If you want to hear the funny one, let me know...

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Pre-trip notes

Pre-trip notes

I'm writing this from the waiting room of Mitchum Tire here in Springfield, waiting for a tire to get fixed. I've been doing a lot of pre-trip prep work: finding a house-sitter, cleaning the house and car, writing a packing checklist and more. I noticed that I haven't done one fundamental thing--make a BloggerCon checklist. Let's take a moment and write one now.

--Write interview questions.
--Install aggregator software for Andrew's Day 2 session
--Send email to family and friends about the trip, asking them to follow along.
--Verify my Radio install one more time and then *don't touch it*.

With the list written online, expect it to be edited as I go. Later, I'll add stuff for the car, compatible iTrip stations, music take take on the iPod (who thought 10GB would not be enough?) and food to take for snaks along the way.

Called my insurance agent and got roadside assistance for the car. $5.00 every six months is *cheap*.

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Layout-o-matic via Nick Bradbury

This looks interesting--it reminds me of a cartoon that a friend drew "Magazine Wizard". I'll play with it after BloggerCon...

Layout-o-matic is a browser-based tool for creating CSS layouts (via John Dowdell).

[Nick Bradbury]Link.

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