Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Safe in Cleveland

In Willoughby, OH on the east side of Cleveland staying at a Courtyard Marriott. Total road time: about 12 hours. Miles: just past 800. Tired. Will write more in the morning. We are safe and headed for bead

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Update from Indianapolis

We've made it as far as Indianapolis. We pulled into the downtown area and up to the front door of the Nordstrom's at 2PM -- perfect timing. At this rate, we hope to make Erie, PA tonight. Anyone have a suggestion on where to eat in Erie?

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Road Update

Road update:

In Cuba, MO- 133 miles, 2 hours. WIfe irritated. Must drive. :)

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We're off!

We're Off!

Car packed and ready. Gas Tank full. Maps done, cell phone in hand. iPod loaded with driving music. Today's first stops: St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland and hopefully Erie.

Our good friend Pamela Witte is housesitting so our two cats won't be completely bored. Thanks, Pamela.

See you on Friday in Boston!

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