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  Sunday, November 16, 2003

Dave's new Web CMS?

Dave is writing about flipping the switch on He also public muses about a web CMS that uses an outliner. Dave, I'll send $40 to you now to get on the beta test list for that one. My advice: give it to the community and watch it grow. It will move faster to acceptance than if you sell it yourself or give it to Userland.

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Steve's changes: part one

I haven't written much lately, and I certainly haven't linked much. For that, I'm sorry. I'm spending more time with a fledgling business wrestling with a thirst for change.
I've watched with interest Dave Winer's changes in Scripting News, his weblog about scripting software and technology. For the last year or two, it's been less about scripting and more about Dave. That's fine with me. Dave makes me think more about the "why's" when I do something than the "how's". That's why I read it every day.
The header picture changed. That's good too. The other photo was a source of juvenille stress for everyone. Dave's worked through it and has produced a better result: he's relating his life to the Web through his website. It's made me once again question the "why" of my weblog, and not the "how".
I'll be spending the rest of the month transitioning my weblog to one of two pieces of software: Movable Type or Manila. MT is free for me as a non-commerical users. Manila is $899. Both offer strengths. Opinions?
I have seen the light about my interaction with the blogosphere. I've grown out of the "link to everyone, post everything" phase. There's too much that's good *and* bad to make those kinds of rationalizations with everything I read. I'll spend more time writing introspectively, something I enjoy more than posting news from other sites.
More as it happens...

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road construction ahead

I'm playing a bit with theme files and macros, working on a tool to build themes in Radio. Bear with me if the site pages go "weird". The RSS feed shouldn't change.

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