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  Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Jay Rosen on Howard Dean's campaign methods

Damn, this is a good piece of writing. Jay, you've finally explained in words the emotions I've had rattling around in my heart. While I don't believe in Dean the candidate any more than any other of the folks running, I do believe in what his campaign has done to change politics. *That's* why I want to vote for him; to send a message that I endorse "DeanSpace", Weblogger Meetups and small donations as a method of political success.

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Dave's social experiment

Dave writes a note about leaving the barn door open on on purpose. When Phil says it's "weird" having a site on Scripting News, Dave asks "why?" I'll try to answer from my perspective.

Dave, I've always categorized as a personal site of yours, not a general news and information site. To have a site on the domain would be akin to you saying "come and be a Scripting fellow" much like Harvard has done with you. While some have sought your respect, you always require it to be earned and not given. To be "given" a site seems oddly out of Dave-character.

To this end, I propose that you create a Scripting fellowship. Gin up an essay form for submissions and cull the group for the best submissions. Pick 5-ish "fellows" and allow them to create a Manila site off, but with a mandate that the content explores a central theme: RSS, scripting, user/Internet interaction, whatever the case may be.

I'd be thrilled to read it and even more so to apply.

Update: Dave linked to this post--thanks! I'd like to suggest that we give Dave some ideas, so I started this discussion group.

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