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  Tuesday, April 06, 2004

My name in PHP and Noel Green

I have a friend named Noel Green that has a Movable Type weblog. He's done some great stuff, including using MT as the core for websites he builds for customers. Yes, the customer pays SixApart the license fee. He put this little blurb in his RDF for me today. More importantly, my name is a PHP file. Sweet.

Steve Kirks. It's amusing that Steve Kirks will get this. Though, I suppose most of Japan will too.... [noelgreen.com - my life in text]

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Pat, Frontier, Word and SmartTags

Smart Tag Stripper for Frontier. I wrote a quick frontier script today that strips out the smart tags that get pasted into your Manila messages when pasting into the WYSISWYG from Word. The main part of the script looks like this:

local (smartTags = {"st1:[^>]*", "o:[^>]*"});
for tag in smartTags {
regex.subst ("(<|", "", @textToClean)}

Gotta love regular expressions, so much power is so few lines :)
[the power of 0ne]

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Bow Wow

Thanks to Andrew Grumet for posting it again.

Good times. Good times.

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