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  Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Adam, Dutch and Patricia

So today is Adam Curry's wife Patricia's birthday. Not knowing what Patricia looked like, I went to the Adam's Family link off the live.curry.com website. From there, I watched a 5 minute-ish video of Adam and Patricia arguing over the number of cars Adam has. Funny for two reasons:

-- It was in Dutch and I don't speak Dutch, but I do speak "husband and wife" and that argument has been had before by many a couple. Replace "cars" with "computer equipment" and you'll know what Tammy and I "talk" about.

-- I've never heard Adam speak Dutch and it shocked me a bit. It's my self-centered Americanism coming through, vainly believing that things not American (or spoken in English are weird. In a few generations, that will probably.

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