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  Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Scott on Gas

Scott Young: Wow, $1.78 for gas sounds pretty good after you just paid $2.35 per gallon for the fine California boutique blend. Sniff, swirl, and spit...

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I have not disappeared, merely become a shadow.

I have not disappeared, merely become a shadow.

The first two weeks of April have been quite busy for me, especially after taking nearly a week off. I get four weeks of paid vacation a year, so sometimes I'm "forced" to take time off for no good reason. It was during the last calendar week that I realized that there is always a good reason--it's fun and relaxing to not go to work.

I spent time around the house doing the most random things. I read a book that I thought I'd already read. What a joy! Nothing like finding a "free" new book (that's really old) on the shelf. A low-rent adventure novel is a wonderful bit of escapism--this one was called Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy. Disappointment set in when I finished the book as it is much like the rest of his recent novels. Characters have become one dimensional and many character types use the same colloquialisms and catch phrases and recycled plots are par for the course. A fun read, but like visit to a prostitute, a disappointment in the end.

I also spent time writing some code which I promptly mothballed. My internal idea machine has recently developed a shotgun-like behavior, placing me in the odd position of feeling like I've got one foot nailed to the floor. There are some great things I can do, but without focus and direction, they all lack a certain satisfaction. BloggerCon II will fix that, forcing me to absorb some of the massive brain power collected in Boston this weekend. By the way, I get into Logan Airport in Boston Thursday afternoon (NW flight 386 at 3:22PM) so say hello if you see me. Photo on the website for reference.

I'm writing this post early in the morning since sleep left me at 5AM central time. No sense laying in bed thinking "I don't have time to write" since I had nothing better to do. With RSS feeds all read and digested, I've written more than I hoped.

A side note to Mark Pilgrim: Your writing quality inspires me to write more, write better and write often. Thanks.

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