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  Friday, April 16, 2004

Thanks Dave

Dave has an idea for today. I like it. He called me to ask about the webcast issue (I've got a contact with an Akami streaming account) and I made sure to thank him for his efforts. Dave has been one of the most approachable technology leaders I've ever talked to. Thanks, Dave, for RSS, BloggerCon, Radio, Manila and Edit this Page.

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iLife $41.99 via Macintouch

Just bought Apple's iLife upgrade for $41.99 thanks to MacInTouchand RSS. My purchase supports MacInTouch with a little "kickback" and I get a better iMovie and a faster iPhoto to boot. It will make converting TiVo GoodEats to DVD even easier.

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Manila now ships with ODBC

Scott Young says:

Stephen Talent has generously provided us with the latest version of his ODBC extension. It will be installed by default in new Manila/Frontier installations. The ODBC Extension allows a Frontier user to easily write cross-platform scripts for connecting Frontier to any ODBC compliant database system.

This is a *big deal* folks. Frontier's database structure is robust, but with an addition of ODBC connectivity shipping with Manila, this makes it an easy tool for IT departments to implement. Why? Well, take an existing enterprise database (most have ODBC connectors) and connect it's info to your Manila site. Instant intranet, easily edited by non-techies. A guess: an IT department could set this up in an afternoon. Now, if there was a way to hook the membership list to an LDAP server, it's all over.

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Peet and repeat

At Peet's by Harvard, riding the free Internet gravy train. Sitting at a table facing the window, I can get three networks: linksys, NETGEAR, office. Thanks for the WiFi, NETGEAR.

First, Peet's coffee is different. More flavor, a little more bitter. I'm drinking it straight and it's as strong as a double esspresso at Mike's Pastry yesterday. The food is standard coffee-house fare, which is fine with me today. Looking for bloggers to meet for lunch around Harvard or in the city proper, too.

Technology performance has been outstanding so far. Free WiFi notwithstanding, I've been able to post from my phone (thanks to Radio). This post is composed in the editing window of the desktop website, accessed remotely. I need a NetNewsWire for Windows.

Update: Peet's gets better when its not as hot. Yum.

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Riding the rails to the Big Rock Candy Mountains

Riding the rails to the Big Rock Candy Mountains

I'm on the commuter rail this morning, catching the train at South Acton, headed for Porter Square. Late breakfast is next, then to the Prudential building for a ride to the top.

I'm using the conference trip to help reset myself, if you understand what I mean. This will give me a chance to spend some mental time and energy just on technology. It also forces me to do something new, making my brain work to learn. Navigating a foreign place (Yes, Boston is foreign compared to flyover state MO) is intimidating at a minimum. I relish the opportunity to try new things as the experience is more vivid, staying burned in your memories longer and stronger than normal life.

I miss my wife, her smile, the sound of her voice. Time to call home...

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Mike's Cannolli--revealed!

Yesterday's cannolli. It was as good as it looks. The resolution was low, taken with my camera phone.

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