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  Sunday, April 18, 2004

Wrap Post

Wrap post

Dave posts a thank you for the BloggerCon memories. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him at the end of the day, shaking his hand and thanking *him* in person. I made some friends this weekend and strengthened some relationships, too. Be well met, Dave, on your travels to Europe.

I had a chance to meet and talk with Scott Young, Userland's new CEO. He's wearing several hats since it was a small company--he handed me a button that says "I'm blogging this with Radio UserLand". Hey, I was! Everyone needs one of those, I think. Scott and I didn't have time to go "in depth" on the software and it's upcoming changes. I've read some great stuff on his blog--it gives you a good idea where they are heading. Remember, zig when others zag.

My hosts here in Boston have been outstanding. Combine a bed and breakfast hotel with a taxi service and warm heart and you get an idea of my experience. The 5 days here were capped by tonight's barbeque, a Boston rarity. Smoked sausage, burgers, baked beans and cole slaw were perfect for this warm night. Boston, you don't know what you are missing with barbeque.

I spent most of the day catching up on sleep and letting some of the things I saw and heard settle. I've got some photos to post later that I took with my Treo, including a darkish picture of the wonderful smoke from tonight's barbeque.

To all who read this weblog, thanks for your continued support. Tara's was the most stunning. She came up to me at dinner on Friday and said, "Oh, you're Steve--I read your blog!". I'm a part of a community that builds itself silently, revealing itself at the best of times, like Tara's comment. Now that I know Tara, I subscribed to *her* weblog. She also snapped a photo of me at the first session of the morning.

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Dualie, Apple style

At the Apple Store at CambridgeSide. Writing this from a 2GHz dual G5--$3000. Yum.

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Russell Beattie had link to some great MySQL-related posts. This one with general tips on MySQL and PHP living together was great. I understand the concepts, but I'm not an experienced Apache/PHP/MySQL person...yet.

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