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  Monday, April 19, 2004

Seated and can relax a bit. Northwest Airlines did a great job of hustling everyone through quickly. There was a person at the gate shouting out departure gates, making my tun tio gate 45 from 24 a little less stressful.

A BloggerCon attendee question: did anyone find a Boston guide book? I lost it sometime after 5PM on Saturday.

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On the right flight barely. Lots of luck was key.

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Ddelayed still. I'm assuming I'm going to miss my connecting flight to KC. Let's hope that I can get a free ticket out of the deal.

We are 35 minutes late so far. My layover is an hour. Do the math and that equals a long day.

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Delayed for 15 minutes on the ground at Logan in Boston. "Failed cargo door actuator arm" is the culprit. I wonder what the percentage of on time departures are marred my mechanical issues that don't affect flight ops?

I'll make my connecting flight--with maybe 15 minutes to spare.

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Heading home

Rail Against the Machine

Coming to you this morning from the 6:21 a.m. train, leaving South Acton for the airport. Reading the schedule from the MBTA website gave me the tips for this trip--commuter rail to North Station, Orange line to State, Blue line to the Airport. I allowed 10 minutes of waiting for trains since they are running 5 minutes apart and that's the worst case scenario.

I had to say an abbreviated goodbye to Jason this morning. We had a little time on the way to the tation, but our conversation wandered. By the time we were at the station, the train was arriving, so I'll take a moment to embarrass him here. Jason is a good man and we should all be so lucky as to know someone like him.

Today is Patriot Day in Boston. It's treated like a national holiday here, but I don't know the history. Our conductor is wearing a tie with a flag motif. Itmakes me smile and remember how fortunate I am to live in America.

More from Detroit...

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