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  Thursday, April 22, 2004


Robert Cox is suggesting a third BloggerCon in Nashville, TN. I had dinner with Robert and five others in a loud Bombay Club the night of BloggerCon. I wish I had a chance to talk to him more, but the night ran long (as did our meal) and I had a train to catch. Robert, I'm up for it if you are. More details needed, though.

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Andrew Grumet's and Toast

Andrew Grumet links to a new Steve Garfield entry: Let's make toast!

Campy, in more ways than one. Before anyone goes down the "who cares about blogging toast" road, it's entertainment, not journalism. Get over it.

Steve, you're hilarious...

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Google's new crawl

Dave Winer: I never in a million years thought Google would stoop this low, even Microsoft on its worst day never played this dirty.

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