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  Friday, April 30, 2004

Links and more

A links post. Lots of things have crossed under my aggregator that I missed, but here's some nuggets:

  • Rogers Cadenhead on his glasses and their imminent departure.
  • Nick Bradbury pointsto a lame attempt to create another format like RSS.
  • Adam Curry's voice becomes louder in battle against RSS marginalization.
  • BoingBoing links to a restaurant shaped like an umbrella.
  • Google's S-1 filing with the SEC via Joi Ito.
  • Russell Beattie posts an unusually short entry on some cheap technology books. I'll be getting a couple of those this weekend.

Family is coming in to town this weekend, so my already light posting will be lighter still. By the way, for RSS readers, I've added a Buzznet moblog to the right side of the website. Take a look or use the RSS feed in your aggregator.

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