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  Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What's with Steve?

I've found myself with less time but equal desire to write. This creates conflict, of course, demonstrated below:

  • I've done some advisory work in the recent past for a project I'm not yet allowed to discuss. The initial rush was phenomenal, but the sheer volume of work to be done is overwhelming. I want to spend some quality time with the project, but my life is pulling me in many directions.
  • The company I work for is merging and some opportunities--a good thing--are opening so that means I have to divert some attention there. It is ripe for a weblog environment and it's up to me to start it.
  • A friend is ready to start a small, niche-style ISP and wants to host some of the weblog stuff that I do. More attention lost in the best possible way; I should help him be successful.
  • My wife's jewelry business is starting to take off. The basement needs a cleaning, remodel and rearrangement to accommodate some "capital expenditures". Weekends just disappeared.
  • I'm finding that computer programming is as fun as I remember it from high school. I want to do more. Seeing Dave at BloggerCon II and following Brent Simmons' progress with a new version of NetNewsWire is inspiring.
  • I'm starting pottery classes again next Thursday, once a week in the evenings.

So I'm left with reading news via Radio's aggregator, reading more news at home with NetNewsWire. I keep reading, ideas being shout by the little voice inside my head. I see things on the news, hear them on NPR and read about them in magazines and think, "Man, I should write this down!"

I can't.

I can't keep up with the world at this point, so I won't try. I will set some new ground rules for myself, though:

  • "The Project": I'll devote time to twice a week in the evenings, one hour each day. Let's say--Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • "The Day Job": Time to go for the promotion. That will be my primary work focus--an internal "election" campaign.
  • "The Friend": Help, yes. Devote time, no. He'll have my support as time comes available.
  • "My wife": She gets my weekends and evenings. I love her and she deserves it.
  • "Computer Programming": This, I'm sad to say, goes back in the toy chest. It takes too much mental energy to grow in that direction right now. There are great things that great people are doing and I should step back and watch.
  • "Pottery": A hobby that has nothing to do with work or computers is healthy. It forces a different perspective on life. That's work keeping and also work three hours on Thursday nights. I'll post photos, too.

I'll write a little more later in the week. I'm thinking of writing better, less often, similar to Mark Pilgrim.

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