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  Saturday, May 8, 2004

Cheap Home Theater

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools website nets this article on creating a home theater on the cheap. This is exactly what I'd like to do in my den.

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Alton's on the wagon!

So, I’m removing them from my diet…completely and without exception. Also, I’ve devised a list of foods that I must consume on a daily and weekly basis. These include oily fish, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, and soy protein. I will drink red wine but no other alcohol. I will consume no desserts whatsoever between now and July 30, 2004. I currently weigh 209 pounds. My goal is 185. [Alton Brown]

Looks like Alton's on the wagon a bit. Good luck, Alton...

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Automatic blogrolls via Perl

Mihai Parparita uses Perl to automatically generate a blogroll from his NetNewsWire subscriptions. I love stuff like this—even though I’m a Cocoa developer these days, I still dig scripting. []

AppleScript needs an XML parsing library so we could do this easier. Parse the Subscriptions.plist file in your ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/NetNewsWire folder and you're set.

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Tasks Pro 1.1

This new version of Tasks Pro adds even more RSS feeds. Cool. []

After seeing this, I headed over to Alex King's weblog and then decided to sign up for a trial. It's pretty intuitive and easy to use. Alex is very responsive to customer needs and the server the trial is on is pretty fast, too boot.

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Amazon Wish List

With my birthday approaching, I thought I'd mention my Amazon Wish List is still around. There are some funky books on there--a current repair manual for my Honda Civic for example--that I want but just can't spend the money.

This post is mainly for the family and friends out there that read my weblog, but anyone is welcome to send something... :>

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UserLand Adds Professional Services Group

UserLand Software is pleased to announce the creation of a new Professional Services Group to assist customers with their Manila and Frontier related projects. [UserLand Product News]

*This* is great news! Who better to help you get up and running with Manila than the company itself? Manila and it's Frontier technology can be hard to understand if you've never done a website or a weblog, but now you can just let the pros handle it.

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