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  Sunday, May 9, 2004

Hard works has it's rewards

Sometimes all it takes is a little hard work to put things in perspective. I've spent the last few weeks in a frustrated funk. I have so many opportunities in my professional life right now--web design, Radio/Manila programming, learning PHP, more--that I can't do everything at once. This actually made me feel like I was incapable, disorganized and generally a failure.
So, instead of another weekend sitting in front of the computer, aimlessly shooting neurons at different projects, I logged out and got busy in our garage. Yes, this post is simply about cleaning a garage and contains no technical/geeky information at all.
Our garage was built when the house was, approximately 1948 and has withstood the tests of time well. It's design was for a single car on the left and a workshop/garage on the right, so when we moved in we were left with one option: one car has to stay outside. The winner? My Honda Civic, the car that Tammy and I bought when we got married. This means that rock star parking (inside the garage) goes to the Honda Accord we bought in 2002. Nice car, nice parking spot.
The left side of the garage has been neglected from Day One. There are (still) things in there that the old residents left when they moved out. I spent about an hour removing:

  • Bags of sand for concrete
  • Bags of Quikcrete
  • Old bags of potting soil
  • A piece of old sheetrock
  • Several spiders (yuk)
  • Various cans of paint and thinner
  • Two jugs of antifreeze

That wasn't everything. Sometimes you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time; I got full so I stopped. I swept out the contents, removing plenty of leaves and trash. My wife, whom I love dearly, has a cute habit of leaving her used "to go" cups on the floor of the garage. Solution: install trash can in garage and threaten her with the next garage cleanup. An affectionate smile was returned when I explained the new arrangement. We'll see how it goes.
The right side was a bit easier until I got to the stump. Yes, stump, as in "large walnut tree stump". I'll save the details for a later post, but thanks to basic physics, and a good lever, I was able to move the 350 pound stump myself about 3 feet to the left. That finally allowed me access to the stored patio set and lawn tools.
The reward for the hard work
Rewards are often not monetary. Mine was twofold: pride of accomplishment and an evening spent with friends, a grill, and beer. My lesson learned was simple: You have to do something to accomplish something. You can't sit around and think "Man, I've got all of this stuff to do!" and not get out of the chair and do something.
Simple, eh?

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