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  Monday, May 10, 2004

"Flowers" from Mom, for Mom

I met Tara at BloggerCon in Boston earlier this year, sharing a table with her, Marc Barrot and another gentleman whose name escapes me. I've enjoyed her weblog, especially this nugget.

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Quark comes to the party a little late

This sounds like something a scripting environment could do. I think that FileMaker and AppleScript could do this like 5 years ago.

Quark! Buh!

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Today I disabled Radio's Aggregator

I disabled Radio's aggregator today. I'm beta testing "NNW" and want to give it my full attention. I have no intention of leaving Radio entirely, but it's aggregator layout really didn't ever suit me. I found myself constantly maintaining checked and non-checked items and worrying about what had "dropped off" when the aggregator's expired articles.

I still love Radio for what it is: a simple yet powerful weblog generator. Theme switching is a snap, you have an instant archive and backup on your machine and you are *never* tied to UserLand's service. You can never renew your subscription and the app will still work--you'll just miss all of the updates and feature improvements. Last year's highlight: Trackback.

My use of Radio is evolving. It doesn't just produce my weblog, it parses XML text, does basic scripting and is a Python IDE. Yum.

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