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  Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Help wanted: HTML Design Guru

Eric Sink is looking for a web redesign guru for a short term gig. Eric, look at Bryan Bell. He's a wonder with a solid portfolio.

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Google caught with it's hand in it's blog cookie jar

This picture shows how Google revised a bit of it's blog's history already. While editing text isn't wrong, they obviously edited a message that had something they didn't want to come to light. That makes their weblog a PR machine in my book. Link came to me courtesy of Mark Pilgrim's Atom feed whirled through an RSS converter.

Hey Mark, why not deliver your site in all nine versions of RSS for sport?

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Pointer: The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged

Scott Young posted this gem called The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged. I read the first few paragraphs with a smile, sometime sheepish, sometimes knowing.

Good pointer, Scott.

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