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  Thursday, May 13, 2004

Dave calls it: Syndication War I

Dave Winer: We've just taken the first major step toward the Syndication Wars.

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Fountains of Wayne

I'm listening to "No Better Place", a great song by Fountains of Wayne, a top-10 band favorite of mine. I got started with Fountains of Wayne about a year ago when my brother-in-law gave me a copy of the album "Welcome Interstate Managers". Great album, one that you can just listen to over and over again. After that, my wife Tammy and I were hooked. A quick trip down the street to our local CD Warehouse store and we got the most recent album ("Welcome Interstate Managers") and their second album ("Utopia Parkway") on the cheap.

Two weeks later, we had their first album too, and a collection of bootlegs and web-only content on CDs. Fountains of Wayne is in the constant iTunes rotation and today's "No Better Place" popped up and surprised me. Meshing great with today's odd weather, the song seems to resonate with me for some reason.

Finally, for fun: I did a quick iTunes search for "better" and created an 8 song playlist.

  • I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better--Tom Petty
  • Hope You're Feeling Better--Santana
  • No Better Place--Fountains of Wayne
  • Better Be Home Soon--Crowded House
  • Always Getting Better--Blue Rodeo
  • Getting Better--The Beatles
  • I Should Have Known Better--The Beatles
  • Better Days--Badfinger

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