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  Friday, May 14, 2004

Rogers Cadenhead and the Pretty Hate Machine

Rogers Cadenhead gets an appointment to the RSS Advisory Board and his comment system bends under the load.


By the way, Rogers--your trackback URL doesn't appear to be stashed in the post's HTML. I linked to you but your trackback count remains steadfast at zero.

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Opera and RSS support

On a pointer from Dave (again), I downloaded Opera 7.5 and did a new install. I played the role of new user, not having actually used Opera since 1999.

First Impressions: hard to figure out what to do and how to read. Don't recommend this to new users.


Downloaded and installed--easy disk image mount, copied app to Applications directory. Opened app. Now what? No RSS icon, no toolbar button that said RSS or "News". Searched menus until I found news feeds. A modal dialog comes up asking me to type the name of the website and the URL of the feed. Hmmm. Tried Scripting News and that was easy enough.

Opened a new browser window and...well...still no evidence that anything RSS was going on. Tried typing the RSS URL into the browser window. It displayed a generic version of the feed, similar to what Safari will do, but I later discovered that it had also autosubscribed me to the same site.

On the modal dialog for RSS subscriptions, there was a help button. Pressing that gave me the clue: RSS feed results end up under the Mail window in Opera. Once I found it, it was pretty straight forward--looks like a three-paned Mail window.

Overall, not a recommended way to read news feeds. Radio's browser-based method is fine for casual reading and beginners; power users will switch to a dedicated app.

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Dave Winer on Movable Type 3, RSS, and free softwaare

On today's Scripting News, Dave writes a mini-essay near the bottom of the page about yesterday's events in the blogging world. All of it is solid and I agree 100%. Dave's mention at the end about people whining about a $60 fee for Movable Type is spot on. I paid $60 on snacks and T rides the weekend of BloggerCon.

People work hard and deserve to be paid for their work. If you are using a free version of a piece of software, then donate something to the author. Better yet, upgrade to their paid version (if possible) and reward them for being in business. Imagine if the company you work for had a free version of it's product. How much revenue would your company lose? Do you think that would trickle down and affect your salary and benefits?

America is a capitalist economy. Buy your software. Reward independent developers who innovate.

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