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  Sunday, May 16, 2004

Template Changes

I read the Radio discussion group on the UserLand servers for two reasons: I give help and advice and sometimes I get great ideas. I read this post today about someone wanting to change the way their posts appeared.

After reading a bit, I changed mine and I love it! Macros! I love the fact that I can just move the macro and Radio does the heavy lifting.

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Tim Oren: "The Price"

By day, Tim Oren writes a weblog about a variety of things, but his recent vacation has prompted some fun posts. His latest wasn't fun, but worth reading. Here's one paragraph:

400,000 American dead. That's seven times more than all the names on the Vietnam Memorial not far away. Over 400 times our losses in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. And yet - meaning no disrespect whatsoever to their memory and sacrifice - we were fortunate. Those 400,000 were less than one percent of the 50 million or so total deaths in WWII. And almost all of them were combatants. Excepting one infamous Sunday, that war never came to these shores.

Sobering stuff.

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