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  Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Blogging for GMail

I set up a Blogger account, fishing for a GMail invite. I've also temporarily reconfigured the Manila-Blogger bridge tool to mirror my stuff there, hoping to juice my opportunity.

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UserLand's Press Release

UserLand puts a press release out fleshing some of the details of the transaction. The most important thing? UserLand Corporation, the corporate entity, can now move on with it's two flagship products: Manila and Radio. It's a perfect arrangement--the Frontier source can be improved at a pace independent of the resources committed to Manila/Radio development.

Interesting idea: UserLand Corporation could develop a special license for Manila for those who modify the source of Frontier but want Manila's rich environment.

From Scott Young, UserLand CEO: "Don't worry. UserLand will continue to advance Manila.  Manila 9.0.1 will be announced tomorrow. Yes, the future is assured."

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