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  Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Boring Steve News

Things of interest that have nothing to do with technology:

Garden Stuff

I planted tomatoes, parsley, thyme, basil and rosemary in the last week. Three kinds of tomatoes will greet my smiling face around the last week of July: Better Boy, Roma Paste and Roma VF. All are new varieties I've not planted before and I bought a good food mill in anticipation of canning some of these beauties. Combined with some from my neighbors, we'll have fresh tomatoes all winter!

The rest are spices we'll use on a regular basis, especially the parsley. I try to make a batch of hummus for Tammy each week since she uses it so often on sandwiches for her lunch.


Our 1996 Honda Civic turned 80,000 miles a couple of days ago. Tammy and I bought the car the year we got married, so I always look at it with smile. It symbolizes so much that was new and different in our young lives: our first major purchase together, our first new car (Tammy's first ever), a small car for our small life.

The Civic is long since paid for and it's had a couple of stablemates: a 2000 Civic coupe (long story--it's happily gone) and a current 2002 Honda Accord SE. That one is our weekend car and Tammy's daily driver. Why do husbands always give their wives the nicest cars?

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Mirroring Files

An amusing lesson learned yesterday: don't offer to mirror files unless you are up for an onslaught. Lisa Rein was looking for help mirroring Colin Powell's "Meet The Press" videos after several pointed to her site.

This server and four others sit on 512kb/s of free bandwidth, so I said "Sure, why not?"


In the last 36 hours, that small amount of bandwidth has pushed over 4GBs of data. Wow.

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FCP and Frontier?

I wish I had a copy of Final Cut Pro to try some of these XML features. Imagine a fully-scripted work environment like this, just like the early days of Quark and Frontier and desktop publishing. With Dave's impending release of Frontier's source, a customer "helper app" running FCP's workflow would be awesome!

Update: FCP's XML format

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