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  Friday, May 21, 2004

Converting to Manila 9.0.1

I spent about two hours today moving an existing Manila installation to the new Manila 9.0.1 released a few days ago. It was simple and difficult at the same time, but in the end, it made sense.

Everything user specific is kept in separate root files: manilaWebsites.root for your websites, config.root for domain mappings (and more) and prefs.root for specific Manila and hosting prefs.

I've only got two active sites, so mine was a breeze. Here's what I did:

  1. Stopped to read the documentation.
  2. Notified the users
  3. Shutdown Frontier
  4. Copied the www directory into a zip file.
  5. Copied the manilaWebsites.root (and two others I had) file into a zip file.
  6. Copied the config.root into a zip file.
  7. Restarted Frontier on the old server

Now I had a backup of the important stuff. On to Phase 2:

  1. Transfers:

  2. FTP all zip files to a common server.
  3. FTP all zip files from the common server to my new Manila server. This was done so I had an online backup of the zips after the old server is down and inaccessible.

On the new server:

  1. Install Manila 9.0.1 with default settings.
  2. Unzip all of the files to a common folder
  3. Rename all files so they are prefixed with the word "old", avoiding confusion later.
  4. From the GUI in Frontier, open all of the "old" databases.
  5. Copy the sites one by one into the new root file. If you want to use the root file as is, make sure it's named correctly, then use the "Install site" command from the sever menu. Also, make sure to add the guest database to the list of root files opened at startup using the "Add to user.databases" command from the Server menu.


If you want to preseve comments for Radio installs that you host, you have to copy the rcsComments site. Uninstall the default rcsComments, rename it, copy the old one into the same location and install it.


The trick is backups, extra backups and patience. Make a checklist of each site you are hosting and remember to install/uninstall as needed. When I was copying sites with the same table name, I would: uninstall the site, rename the table, paste the site transitioning to the new server, then install it with the same domain. I'm leaving the old tables in place for a few days, just to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Side note: The old server was a Dell Optiplex desktop machine running Windows 2000 Server. The new machine (trumpet flouris) is a Compaq Proliant 1600, a real server with more drive space, faster subsystems, and more RAM. Yum.

Mistakes? Point them out, please.

Update at 9:59AM 5-22-04: Comments are working again. I had to replace the new config.root that Manila generated with the old one in order to get my RCS comments to transfer. There's still something I don't understand about the domain mapping to config.manila.sites relationship. I made things harder for myself since I changed the root domain for the server during the move. You might want to/have to consider using your old config.root file with the new install.

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