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  Saturday, May 22, 2004

Jon Stewart's William and Mary commencement address

Jon Stewart gives the 2004 commencement address at William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Scoble pointed me there--thanks!

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Geoff Arnold on keeping IT projects simple

Geoff Arnold: The general problem, which I've observed in various contexts, is that it's increasingly difficult to keep people focussed on simple problems.

Thanks to Tim Bray for the pointer.

Update: Geoff posted in comments...

It's not really about keeping IT projects simple. They will tend to be as complex as they need to be. What I'm talking about is keeping the THINKING about them simple: concentrating just on the relevant issues and avoiding distractions. In many cases this means being hard-assed ! about cutting the crap, being non-PC, demanding that people replace metaphorical language with concrete and testable stuff. Anyway, thanks for the (nicely on-topic) contribution.

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Tim Bray on Vonage

Tim Bray signed up for a Vonage account: "It is just painfully obvious that this is the future."

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Frontier Dreams by Brent

Brent Simmons: In the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about the open-sourcing of the Frontier kernel...

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Manila Best Practices

Things I learned about Manila during the server transition:

  • Always make a backup and keep it in two locations. That way, if you trash your backup by getting files mixed up, you can retrieve your clean copies and start fresh.
  • Document your configuration.
  • Move all Manila sites to a root file other than the default. This allows for easy server transitions and backups.
  • Keep the server on a different domain than the root domain. Your domain mappings for virtual hosting will be easier. Example: I have three domains, I wanted the root domain to be .com, so I should put the machine on the .net domain.
  • Manila's object databases made this a breeze, visually. I couldn't have done this as quickly or accurately as a MySQL-based transition. Remember, I'm an advanced user, but I have a creative brain, so I still think visually from time to time. Command-line interaction with MySQL is easy, but surfing the manual to find the answers is hard. You don't appreciate the power and simplicity of Manila until you've tried both.

Things I will have to learn next:

  • The art of static rendering.
  • Backup of live Frontier root files

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