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  Sunday, May 23, 2004

Site Redesign

I'm trying to save a little bandwidth, so I downloaded Joe Jenett's Simplicity theme for Radio. More modifications to come.

Update: changes made to font sizes and styles. If you can't read it, bear with me for a bit...

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NetNewsWire and External Weblog Editors

Brent Simmons: If, instead of sniping, we concentrate on benefitting the people who use our applications by working together on compatibility, we can go a lot further in developing a larger market. (It’s the old rising-tide-raises-all-boats argument, in other words.)

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Adam Curry and Shrek 2

I've been reading Adam Curry's weblog for about a year--today he's in Vegas--so when I saw Shrek 2 today I was struck by the resemblance between Adam and Prince Charming:

You be the judge!

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Someone at Microsoft is scanning my server

From the department of "Why not?":

I scanned through some of the server logs this morning on my Manila server and found that a machine in Microsoft's IP block is scanning me. Specifically, and

I'm sure this is part of a Microsoft search engine effort for weblogs, but can anyone else shed light on this?

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Tidbit's Fat

We have a cat named Tidbit, but he's far from it. Here's a photo from yesterday's attempt to get into a shoebox. Specifically, a Birkenstock box that normally holds size 40 sandals.

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