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  Monday, May 24, 2004

New FeedDemon Newspaper Styles

Nick Bradbury: "Over the weekend I created a number of newspaper styles which I plan to include in the final release of FeedDemon 1.10."

This looks pretty good, but we're rapidly approaching the point of applications restyling copyrighted content. I'm confused as where to draw the line: if the look and feel of the website is copyrighted, is presenting a HTML-based page to a user with the source as RSS and the style as a CSS, is that wrong?

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Jay McCarthy house burns

Via Dave at Scripting News:

Jay McCarthy: "Having your house burn in front of you is a very strange experience." Amazing story. Jay is a Thursday night regular. Lisa Williams has started a PayPal account for donations to the McCarthy family.

I met Jay at BloggerCon and he deserves whatever you can send. I put $10 in the jar.

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