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  Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Dux

Tammy found this great chair about a month ago at Springfield Antiques and had to have it. After a little bit of saving, she's finally got it. We let it displace an older red chair for a week, but neither of us can part with it, so the two chairs are sharing the living room.

The chair reclines and will lock in place using a simple spring and lever mechanism. The construction is simple, but durable. When you are sitting in it, it feels more durable than it looks.

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An Early Birthday Present

My wife loves me so much. Tonight, I got an early birthday present: a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright signed print. She's hidden it for two months, waiting for the weekend of my birthday, but since we'll be in Iowa, she let me open it tonight. It gorgeous. Stunning. She's knows I have long admired Frank Lloyd Wright's works, print and architecture.

Thanks baby, I love you.

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Radio and AppleScript

I have an app that I want to script, making it pull information and send it to Radio for processing and posting on my weblog. No problem! AppleScript to the rescue! Well, sort of. It turns out that I need to learn another language (and syntax) to do what I want. That made me think: why not turn the problem around? Can Radio do it for me?


Create a new script and there at the bottom of the page is a language selector! I can choose between UserTalk and AppleScript. Now, I can write a UserTalk script that calls an AppleScript that in turn passes it's info back to UserTalk.


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Jay McCarthy Update

Jay updates us on his family and well-being on the day after the fire. In his post he mentions:

"So, don't feel like you should put money in Lisa's PayPal fund--although it's a great thought."

If I could have been there, I would have given more than money. Since you have a niece, feel free to buy her a new toy, an ice cream cone or something else just for the heck of it. I was just glad that I had a way to find out--Dave and Lisa's weblog posts kept me connected. I would have hated to find things out later when it was too late to help.

Take care, Jay.

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