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  Wednesday, May 26, 2004

More Posting, Better Blogging

I've switched up my blogging habits lately, redesigned my website and now I realize I'm writing more often and (hopefully) with better quality. The key? Dedicated time nightly to read and post. Also, I've stopped using Radio's RSS aggregator and went back to NetNewsWire. NNW allows me to keep articles longer and read more content faster. Combine this with writing posts in a separate editor and now you have a recipe for success.

Radio is becoming more of a scripting environment for me and less of a weblog tool. Sure, it publishes my pages and will for the foreseeable future. One of my favorite features is the dictionary of shortcuts: give it a shortcut in quotes like "Radio\" and you get Radio. It's an easy to use, portable scripting environment and database. It's easy to replicate some of it's features for free using great software like MySQL, Apache, PHP and Python, but the integration is what makes it work.

Finally, I'm trying to work more images into the mix. You've seen them in the last few posts: the framed art, the chair, and Owen the Pirate. I hope you enjoy them.

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Big smoking hole in ground

Sean Gallagher: "Zap! Boom! I was sitting on my front porch with my wife and daugher this evening, watching a storm roll through, when a lightning bolt hit the ground about 15 feet away from us, just on the other side of our big sycamore tree."

Wow, Sean. Can't wait for the photos.

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Jill Smith Update

Jill Smith: "Sorry about my rambling. I just don't have a very exciting life."

I know Jill outside of the weblog world and she's lying--she does have an exciting life. She's got a great husband and nearly 5 year-old son who keep her on her toes, they own an old bank building (complete with Al Capone vault!) and she's the fastest Final Cut Pro editor I've seen. Hey, it may not be the life of a super hero, but try an afternoon with this guy and tell me if it's not exciting.

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