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  Monday, June 14, 2004

Tammy's trip to the ER

Tammy and I spent the day at three different places: urgent care, a chiropractor and finally the CoxSouth ER. She's crashed in bed now (9PM) on two kinds of pain killers. It started with her not being able to get out of bed, then finally not being able to walk. She's had a cyatic (sp?) nerve problem for the last two years after she herniated two discs in her lower back. Sometimes if she has a spasm or strain, she can use some physical therapy exercises to work it out. Not the case this time.

She tried to exercise this away for the last week and woke this morning to not be able to move the lower part of her body. Some stretching and some toe-tickling let us know that she didn't have movement loss, but the pain and the nerve pressure was pretty bad. We started at the urgent care at the recommendation of our doctor, but in hindsight I wished I'd listened to Tammy; we would have saved four hours of pain by going to the ER first. Urgent care was nice, but no help. I carried her in the door on my back while she dragged/walked behind me. At this point, she could steady herself upright if shee leaned on a high counter.

By 10AM we were back out the door and headed to a trusted chiropractor. I made a side stop to the McDonald's by the office, a good thing as it was the only time Tammy or I ate any food until late in the afternoon. An exam, a muscle massage with electrodes and an "adjustment" took about two hours, but at the end, Tammy could not stand for more than 5 to 10 mintues with passing out. Her blood pressure was dangerously high and her pulse low, so a quick call back to our doctor confirmed the next stop: the emergency room.

We got there at about 1PM, checked in and waited for an hour and a half before seeing the doc. After that, things moved rapidly: brief exam with detailed questions, an MRI, a phone consult with our regular doctor and the on-call neurosurgeon. The result? She's supposed to rest, drink lots of water, walk when she can, and see her regular neurosurgeon in first thing.

Treo 600 software update

palmOne has released a Treo 600 Updater--for Sprint-branded Treo 600s only at this point.

(Via MobileWhack.)