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  Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Testing Categories

I made some modifications to my site HTML. This post is helping me test

Keep It Simple

WORLD Magazine: "How many churches invest even one-third of their budgets in mercy and missions? Even one-fifth?"

(Via Russ Lipton.)

This a great article. It's one of the reasons I've had a hard time attending some of the churches here in Springfield. There is too much money spent on buildings and entertainment in the name of Jesus rather than helping those less fortunate grow through a relationship with God.

'Nuff said.

Dave Winer on the weblogs.com move

Dave Winer: "I'm getting an unprecedented amount of email, most of it from people who want to host the sites, but don't know anything about Manila."

(Via Scripting News.)

Dave goes on to say much more about his detractors and the flamers joining the party. Look, folks: until you've run a Manila server and are an expert in DNS/webhosting, you don't get to comment. In the year I've run Manila, I've learned it's quirks and strengths. It's harder than it looks. Dave needs some slack here, not because he's Dave, but because he's a person trying to do one thing at a time.

Dave, could you publish the server requirements for the sites? A Manila-hoster with a server could help if they know the details like how many sites, how much space, etc.