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  Thursday, June 17, 2004

New Steve Photo

After Rex Hammock chided me in an email about my corporate photo (on the right side on the website), I've swapped it *again* for one taken today. My hair had grown long so it's freshly cut and I'm wearing a suit today--rare for someone in my line of work in the Ozarks.

Enjoy. Here it is for the aggregator folk:

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Alwin offers an apology to Dave Winer

After writing this piece about the Dave Winer/weblogs.com backlash, Alwin had some comments that we shared through email. After some consideration, Alwin writes an apology to Dave.

I really think he nails it when he mentions:

"I think the pivotal moment for me was when I felt uncomfortably like part of a mob. It seemed as if there was a shift of focus from a poorly planned act (and I am still of that opinion) to rehashing of Mr. Winer’s interactions over the years. And I was part of that. If I could take away the words and the hurt, I would."

I sensed the mob mentality too in some of the comments on other sites. Yeah, Dave could have handled it differently, but a general observer rarely has all of the facts available to make a sound judgement.

Alwin (who I knew as code the web socket in my aggregator) thanks for writing that piece.

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weblogs.com backup via Google

Glenn points to a way to get your weblogs.com site back from Google. Don't do it--you won't have to. Watch Scripting News today and you'll see all is well.

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Rex Hammock is up

Rex had a backup--he's up and running on his new domain name.

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Dave Winer and weblogs.com

I've been reading some of the coverage about Dave Winer's decision to end free webhosting for weblogs.com users. Most of it is sickening, consisting of personal attacks and insults. If I read things like that about myself, it would make me ill. I won't link to any of it here; it's quite vile in some cases. Someone even stooped as low as to remix part of his audio explanation to humiliate him.

When I heard about the problem, I pitched in and offered help. I didn't judge Dave or his decision--people outside of a situation rarely have all of the facts--and I found him delightful to work with.

Life is much easier to live if you don't create conflict or go looking for it at every opportunity. I applied this in my life first to my driving. I easily anger when driving and would mentally complain about the ability of person X to drive correctly. I would then continue my stress by cataloging their faults the entire time I followed them in traffic. What did I get? I wheelbarrow full of self-righteous indignation and an upset stomach. I changed my outlook my not trying to find the conflict in everyday life. It worked--I'm happier and healthier, too.

Please remember to ask yourself a question when you write a weblog post or leave a comment about this: would you say it standing 2 feet away from him?

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