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  Saturday, June 19, 2004

DNS Woes

I've been in and out of visability for the last few days. The folks who do my DNS hosting have been going through a server transition with an IP change--havoc for this domain name.

The fix? Moving DNS servers to ones that I control directly. Thanks goes to Jason Buchanan for jumping in quickly to fix things. Worst part? DNS propagation has kept me out of the running for two days.


Last weblogs.com related post

This will be my last point on the weblogs.com server outage.

Side note: I wish could use Radio's rendering rules inside weblog post text boxes.

  1. It was a poorly planned transition.
Yes, it was poorly planned. Then again, it didn't seem like there would be a problem at the time. Go figure. Murphy's Law. Etc. I know Dave well enough at this point that the user base and their written word would be the last thing to worry about.
  1. Rogers Cadenhead deserves most of the credit for the solution.
Roges opened his wallet, one of the hardest things to do in this situation. If a friend came to you and said, "Hey I need $1200 (an estimate of mine) to help about 300 people." would you have done it? Rogers *obligated* his finances for your written words. Think about that for a second.
  1. People don't deserve hate
I've learned that people do not deserve hate. While they may deserve criticism, praise, help and sometimes a handout, they don't deserve hate. Many of the comments directed at people on both sides of the argument were hateful.
  1. Weblog culture suffered at the hands of a few
Replace hateful in that last sentence with helpful and imagine what the technology press coverage would have been like. Weblog culture just got sent back three spaces and lost a turn in the game of success. Damn.

Let's move on and up. I'm putting this disappointing bend in the road in my rearview mirror.