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  Friday, June 25, 2004

Life catching up

Tim Smith:

I got a rare chance to spend some time with my friend Tim Smith (no webpage, don't ask) today while he was moderating his last day of CampSTN. He told me a couple of great stories about his recent experience at the local Subaru dealer, driving two of their hottest cars. Subarus are not just for Democrats any longer. :>

My Wife:

It's my wife's birthday this Saturday, so we are headed for St. Louis to see friends. We've got a couple of friends staying at the house and watching the cats so they won't be lonley. Hey, what's a weblog post without a cat mention?


I'm buying a pile of Compaq server equipment for $100 next week. I'll set up the new server as a secondary DNS, mail and backup--the pile has a 15/30GB DLT drive. Yum.

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Testing a new RTE for Radio and Manila

Russell Beattie found this rich text editor written in JavaScript. Looks like a great replacement for the one that UserLand uses in Radio and Manila. The markup is cleaner for sure, making it easier to stay XHTML-compliant. The current version inserts capital letters in some of the tags and uses the FONT tag in spots I'd rather not.

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