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  Saturday, June 26, 2004

Posting from the Apple Store at West County Mall in St. Louis. We're up here from Springfield, celebrating my wife's birthday (she's 29 again) and seeing some great friends. Tonight: Schafly's for dinner.

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A Thanks to Dave Winer

Stuff always happens while I'm away.

Dave posts a summary of his goodbye to the Harvard Thursday meetings. Dave's impact at Harvard can not be disputed. His two BloggerCon meetings were outstanding at starting and continuing the dialog of "the art and science of weblogs". Thanks, Dave!

Dave resigns from the RSS board. Wow, but if you knew Dave, you would have seen this coming. He's got a good group in place and built some "prior art" about board mission so they know how to proceed. Onward and upward for RSS and Dave. Thanks twice, Dave!

Finally, near the end of Friday's Scripting News posts, he mentions work on the open source kernel of Frontier. Go Dave Go! Let's see some code, eh?

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