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  Monday, June 28, 2004

Watson technology sold to Sun

Jason Kottke says:

"Big announcement in the small world of Mac software developers: Karelia Software has sold the technology behind Watson, one of my favorite OS X apps, to an undisclosed "large company" *cough* Sun *cough*."

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house of warwick WWDC summary

Steve's version of WWDC highlights:

  • Tiger is hot stuff
  • System wide support for syncing with access by other apps allowed:
    "System-wide availability of sync services means that developers can now easily incorporate syncing capabilities into their applications. Tiger[base ']s sync engine is extendable, so developers can go beyond synchronizing calendars, bookmarks and contact lists."
  • Core Image and H.264 support will make special-purpose Macs for video conferencing and PVRs a reality.
  • Automator will help more people script more often.
  • Dashboard makes a geek tool easy enough for the masses to use.
  • Integrated support for libxslt:
    "Tiger enhances the stellar cross-platform API support in Panther by adding powerful new Open Source libraries for XML transformations (libxslt) and data persistence (SQLite), as well as support for common UNIX services such as System V message queues."

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The RSS vs. Atom battle is finally over. Apple introduced a version of it's Safari web browser that can read news feeds and are calling it Safari RSS. That's a little of a misnomer, since it will read an Atom feed too--until the format changes.

A *major* computer software developer has made RSS reading a core feature of it's flagship browser. Wow.

As Dave mentions today on Scripting News, they also announced a version of 10.4 Server that will generate weblogs and the RSS feeds:

"You can now host your own iChat server. Instant Messaging serves as a vital means of communication for organizations of all sizes, so it[base ']s useful to deploy and run your own private and secure IM server. Based on the open source Jabber project, the new iChat server in Tiger Server lets your company protect its internal communications by defining its own namespace, using SSL/TLS encryption to ensure privacy, and Kerboros for authorization. The iChat server works with both the iChat client in Mac OS X Tiger and popular open source clients available for Windows, Linux and even PDAs.

A new Weblog server in Tiger Server makes it easy to publish, distribute and syndicate web-based content. The Weblog server provides users with calendar-based navigation and customizable themes, is fully compatible with Safari RSS and enables posting entries using built-in web-based functionality or with weblog clients that support XML-RPC or the ATOM API. The Weblog Server, based on the popular open source project [base "]Blojsom,[per thou] works with Open Directory for user accounts and authentication."

So why did I say RSS won when it obviously supports the Atom API? It's not called Safari Atom, is it? Kleenex has become interchangeable with tissue and now RSS has done the same with syndicated content.

Now, we can move on to the next step: doing something great with the tools available.

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Bluetooth Bounty

I have a Treo 600 (Sprint) and would love to have Bluetooth wireless capabilities, so when I saw the bounty contest, I smiled.

It also makes me wonder: can future software development work this way? What if we had a bounty for great outliner for Mac/Windows/Unix? Sounds like an email to Dave is in order...

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Tim Bray's Hydrangea

Tim Bray's amazing hydrangea photo is worth a look. Looks like it's time for Don Park to lob a volley in the Flower War of 2004...

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