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  Thursday, July 01, 2004

Comment auto aging

Dave mentions in a post on Scripting News an idea for handling comments on weblogs. It's similar to how Radio handles items in its RSS aggregator. I like it.

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Doug Kaye, Gillmor Gang, Gmail

I've subscribed to the RSS version (with enclosures) of Doug Kaye's IT Conversations for six months or so, listening to the enclosures sporadically. Today, I listened to the SuperNova 2004 edition of The Gillmor Gang (WMP streaming link) and enjoyed a delicious moment: The panel and I had the same thought at the same time.

The discussion had wandered in several enjoyable places, making things real and fun to listen to. As they were wrapping, I think it was Jon Udell who pointed out the the lock that Microsoft has on the enterprise is largely due to Exchange. Someone else piped in with the fact that Exchange 2000 has been out for 4 years and a majority of Exchange mailboxes are still served from a version 5.5 server. Then the bombshell and shared thought: Google will unlock the enterprise with Gmail.

No, not public Gmail. Private Gmail.

They will sell and configure a Gmail front end. You attach a storage system, Oracle database, SAN or insert technology here. Your corporate users will get simple email, fast searching and the computer-independent web interface. You get little to no maintenance of the box, because the hard part is engineered by Google.

Exchange administrators: look for another job, and quick. No one really uses Exchange in the way it was designed and Google has the brand and the technology to unseat it.

Side note: The Gilmore Gang shows tend to be similar to the panel discussions at BloggerCon and it makes me miss it more. Without Dave to run the show, who will take up the gauntlet?

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