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  Friday, July 30, 2004

Boston, the DNC and educated folks

A rant from a good friend after I called him last night to ask him about the Democratic National Convention. Jason is consistently outspoken, funny and lives in Boston--perfect for ranting:

The level of rage and hatred for Bush up here boggles the mind, to the point of absurdity. Even my parents share this caustic hatred - we're witnesses to a unique moment in time - for the first time in the history of the world, more people than ever have reached a level of education and knowledge which has empowered them to harness their intelligence and channel it into a common goal. Dumb and uneducated people never have the cohesive spirit to bind together like this - only when the mass of Men go through the education system and accomplish a reasonable level of higher thought does something like this happen. The NEA should be happy. At long last, a college education is required to run the fryolator at McDonald's - all of that hocus-pocus Ideology bullshit that the Bitter Old Men who pass themselves off as college professors is taking hold. Noble thoughts and gestures make us better people but everyone still has to wipe the shit off their ass which I believe really drives these people bananas that they can't use their advanced thinking to make that practice go away.

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