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  Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Exciting Times with Radio

Three months of work has come to a head this week with the announcement about my involvement with UserLand, the letter to users and Radio Roadmap. I'm excited about it's future and thrilled to be part of it.

The mantra we are all repeating: fix upstreaming, comments and application stability. Along the way, we'll clean up the HTML that Radio generates to make it standards-based, current with trends in the industry.

The news aggregator changes are minor in scope but major in achievement. We've removed the tables but preserved the concept. Here's a cropped shot of the new aggregator layout in action:

What do you think? It's all done with simple HTML: paragraph and blockquote tags.

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The Last 24 Hours

The last 24 hours have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. We sent out the press release announcing my role as Radio's product manager and the posted the letter to Radio users (there's also a link in the header of the discussion group). Feedback has been overhelmingly positive and the suggested directions are consistent: fix upstreaming, faster/better comment system, application stability.

We've released the Radio Roadmap, a short timeline that will show Radio users what we'll do and when we'll do it. We've been working on a new set of themes, including a "blank" version to allow HTML experts a good starting point for building their own.

I'm stressed and excited at the same time. We've done some great things in a short amount of time and we think that you'll be happy with the results. Our primary goal: under-promise and over-deliver.

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