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  Thursday, August 05, 2004

FTP over SSH, Radio and MacOS X

I have an idea for how to handle FTP over SSH for Radio users on MacOS X. If anyone has a FTP account which requires SSH that could be used for testing, email me at or link back to this post, please.

Update (8-9-04): Found! Thanks for all of the responses.

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News Aggregator layout alternative

Patrick Ritchie has an alternate News Aggregator layout brewing. It's better than mine, using XHTML div statements to mimick the original layout done with tables. I put it on my test system and I like it much better than my alternative mentioned Tuesday.

If you are a web developer working on Radio themes and want to help decide the standard structure and classes for Radio's XHTML, now is the time to contribute. My email is -- send me your contact information and we'll start outlining the process.

Goals: don't break, but modernize

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