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  Sunday, August 08, 2004

Changing the Radio Bookmarks menu

If you use Radio for repetitive tasks, be sure to learn how to use the Bookmarks menu. I find that I regularly reopen the same window over and over --workspace.srk-- the main table that I use to store all of the code I'm working on. I got tired of doing Ctrl+J, typing workspace.srk and hitting return--just too much typing. I made Radio work for me in a simple way.

Go to the Bookmarks menu, choose Edit Bookmarks.. and you'll open an outline that contains the menu structure for the Bookmarks menu. I added a new level in the outline, called it workspace.srk and then double-clicked the carrot to open the window. In the script dialog box I typed the commnad to open a window and show the contents of a location in the database (workspace.srk). When I was done, I gave it the shortcut key combo of Ctrl+1 and I'm done.

Now, when I hit Ctrl+1, my workspace opens and I can start to navigate the outline. Perfect.


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