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  Monday, August 09, 2004

Stock success

Chicken stock was a success. I made an easy dish tonight with half stock, half water and it worked out great. I'm hooked and I'll never go back to canned stuff again.

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Chicken Stock

I've spent a lot of time in the last three weeks talking about Radio, Userland and programming in UserTalk, so let's switch gears a bit with talk about food.

I made chicken stock for the first time yesterday. I had been trying to pull an Alton Brown and make a big batch for use throughout the rest of the year, but fell way short. I did strike liquid gold, though, in much smaller portions. I ended up with around 3.5 quarts of chicken stock, made with rib meat and various "parts" of the chicken I had left after liberating six chicken breasts. My local grocery store ran a special--buy one, get one free--so I took great advantage of the opportunity.

Tonight, I'll freeze the portions and save for soups this winter. A suggestion from people at work: chicken and dumplings. Mmmm.

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