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  Monday, August 16, 2004

In to the turn

We are heading in to the turn on our way to the home stretch for a Radio release. To that end, I'm looking for some beta testers:

blueRobot is one of the Radio themes that will be released in September. Download it and see if I've missed anything.

Personally, I like its simple concepts and clean CSS.

Watch this week for more beta testing requests--good stuff coming.

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BloggerCon III

Dave's posted the tentative date for the third BloggerCon, this time being held at Stanford in the cradle of technology: Palo Alto, CA. The amount of feedback this time has been quiet so far, seemingly much less than before. Is this an indication of our busy schedules, the unconference's value or the timing of that time of the year?

I'll be there, hopefully staying a week. I'll come in on a Tuesday and leave on a Tuesday, making stops at the UserLand offices and taking the bus tour of geek sites in Silicon Valley.

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