Updated: 8/25/2005; 1:03:46 PM

  Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The new iMac is out

Via Veerle:

Live coverage from Apple Expo Paris: "Phill talks about the iMac. All in one elegance, extreme simplicity perfect machine for the iLife suite. It looks like just a Cinema Display with a DVD slot loader on right side towards the top. Aluminum foot. It's the world's thinest desktop computer, at less than 2" thick. It's white in color, and the crowd is going wild. It has a grey Apple logo on front. Everyhting fits together right behind the display. Everyone is ging to be asking "where does the computer go?" All of the connectors are on the left side, all in a row. Again, the crowd is going wild.

The G5 module, when looking at the back, is on the right side. There are three fans in the unit, and it is "quiet as a whisper." SuperDrive. 1.8 GHz G5. 600 MHz frontside bus. 400 MHz DDR RAM, up to 2 GB. Serial ATA hard drives, AGP 8X graphic slots. The speakers are mounted on the bottom, so they reflect off the desk, up to the user. The keyboard will slide underneath the display when you are not using it. You can unscrew three screws, and the entire back comes off. The crowd loves it! "