Saturday, September 04, 2004

Airport Express Installed

I received as a gift Apple's new Airport Express. Yahoo! Wait, not so much with the yahoos and more with gasps of "oh no!" It appeared to only work if your Mac had a wireless card. My main Mac, an October 2003 eMac had no card since my house is wired for Ethernet. (I'm a geek, what do you expect?)

Two sad weeks later, I decided to spend the morning searching the Internet for a solution. The phenomenal Accelerate Your Mac site had a link that I picked up in my aggregator for user tips on the Airport Express. After only 45 minutes of reading and configuring, I struck gold: all is up and working.

My wife designs jewelry and works in her basement studio, usually listening to music. She's burned about $10 worth of CDs to listen to on an aging Sony "boom box" using the eMac and some of the music we've ripped using iTunes. Now she can set iTunes to PartyShuffle, hit play and head downstairs, listening to hours of music. I bought a set of Yamaha speakers with separate subwoofer and they sound great. When we have a party at the house, the Airport Express comes upstairs and plugs in to the home stereo so we won't even need the CD player any longer.

Special thanks to my "gift giver"--you know who you are.