Updated: 2/12/05; 2:12:07 PM

  Saturday, September 11, 2004

onThisDay catches the SpaceView and more

9/11/03: "My grandfather gave me his Bulova Accutron "SpaceView" watch about a year ago..."

My onThisDay macro found that gem. I've since stopped wearing it since it's too fragile and collectible to see daily use. I love the fact that it's working and usable and I do wear it a few times a year. My grandparents, who live in Florida, have fled the hurricane trifecta to Minnesota this year. Let's hope that they can return to a home and not an empty lot.

It also found posts about BloggerCon, conference tips, 9-11 remembrances and a bug in UserLand's trackback implementation. With a year's worth of knowledge under my belt, I realize it's not a bug, but just a design flaw. No one knew about comment spam a year ago. We'll be fixing it--sooner than you think, too.