Updated: 8/25/2005; 1:06:06 PM

  Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Andy Fragen and a Radio contribution

Andy Fragen has a long history with Radio UserLand. He started as a beta tester and has continued to contribute to the community with scripts and tools. I have used his dataFileCleaner tool for the last few months and find it indispensable.

I had the privilege of spending an hour and a half with Andy on the phone tonight, learning some of his background and asking him questions. Andy is eager to share his contributions with the Radio community so much that he's offered them to UserLand for possible integration with the Radio codebase. Andy, thank you.

Adam Curry, take my money


I'm ready to pay for your Daily Source Code. The bit you played "Dr. Dave from Las Vegas" makes me realize I'm ready to pay for you to do stuff like this daily. Find bits, assemble them, generate an hour long show and deliver it via RSS enclosures. How much do you want?

Radio Upstream Improvements

A quick note to everyone who upstreams to UserLand's servers:

Lawrence Lee has implemented a couple of optimizations to the primary upstreaming server (radio.xmlstoragesystem.com) to make it more responsive and handle more simultaneous requests. Preliminary stats show a nearly 25% gain in uptime and the ability to handle almost twice as many requests during peak times.

Leave some feedback as comments and trackbacks to this post and let us know how it's going and what kind of differences you see.